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Default Reserved for MF - Sequence 276

The intention of creating my pages at 10 years ago was to collect data spreaded over the whole forum and display a condensed version of those information and to easily find all related stuff.

So for the old 15k-search project those days to say a special k-val was searched up to a given n-val, without looking dozens of post or thread in here.

As there're many projects working on such problems it's no managable anymore like I did a long time.

I saw the possibility of a Wiki software to give users the chance to update those page by themselves.
The problem is you have to know how to edit and that's in my opinion to many users reason enough not doing so.

The page at MersenneWiki is an example how this could be done more userfriendly without knowing much about the Wiki interna.

It would also help to collect and summarize information about users doing their own searches but haven't their own page to dislpay them.

For ALQs Zimmerman, Clavier and seqs reserved by others than yoyo could put their data in there, too, so things like 276 won't be missed then.

Whishful thinking I know, but the internet was started because someone had an idea to make work easier.
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