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Are you saving for your retirement?
The question wasn't directed at me, but my retirement savings are automatically deducted from my paycheck. Utilities, mortgage payments, etc, are all automatically deducted as well.

I also have an emergency fund of a few thousand dollars that I don't touch. Some additional money is set aside for gas, clothes, food, and other high priority expenses. Everything else is for entertainment (bobsled rides, pontoon boats, exotic car rentals, etc.).

Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
To answer your question directly, when I was a young freelance programmer one evening I was faced with the choice of buying myself dinner or buying a book.

I bought and read the book that evening, and fasted until the next day. True story.
I had a similar experience. On one trip, I splurged on a business-class flight and a few expensive dinners. I ended up skipping all of my lunches on that trip.
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