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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
I've heard of people trying to predict where their money will go in order to try to save money. But do people ever specifically set aside money for vanity items, like say, Farmville2 keys? I'm thinking every 7 days I could give myself either $5 or $10 to spend on Farmville or maybe something else kind of silly. I'd have to choose the 5 or 10 before I started the process, and would track it on my calendar.
Yes, on the assumption that SWMBO and I are normal adults.

We each have a personal bank account (termed our individual slush funds) into which we divert a small portion of our joint income from our joint account. What we spend it on thereafter has absolutely nothing to do with the other so there's no sense of guilt at purchasing what the other might regard as a frippery.

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