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Well, that list gives you an idea of how fast they are in respect to each other, but not really what they are suited for..

Currently, the client itself is pretty well set up for deciding what work to do on what boxen.

less than a Pentium 233 = Factoring
Less than a P2 550 = Double checks
of course, you can do either of these with faster machines if you want short "workunits" tho it is currently better to do factoring on a non P4 system (the SSE2 code in the beta doesnt kick in till the 64 bit or higher passes)

As for the amount of memory used, of course the more you use, the better chance you have of finding a factor during P1 stage 2 testing and saving yourself a lot of time.. I think current doublechecks (8M range) will use 2-300 MB for optimum checking. Dunno about first time LL or 33M exponents.. Anyone care to help out on these?

Did this answer your question better?

Bah, George beat me to it by a minute.. :mrgreen:
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