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Default Re: Is there a performance database?

Originally Posted by Joe O
How do these stack up? What work are they best suited for? Minimum speeds? Recommended memory?
My recommendations (from worst CPU to best) - you can do whatever you like though:

AMD K6 - to be blunt they are better off on a different distributed project.
They have lousy FPUs.

Pentium, Pentium Pro - a little underpowered by todays standards. Good for factoring, or if very patient a double-check.

P-II, slow celerons - double-checking, but factoring or first time tests are OK

P-III, fast celerons - first time checking or double-checking

Duron, all Athlons - first time checks, maybe 10,000,000 digit tests

P4 - first time checks or 10,000,000 digit tests

As to memory - most of the time the client uses very little (say 1MB factoring and 10MB running LL tests)
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