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Thanks for your suggestions. For the large part, they are already a part of the future plans which are already underway.

Unfortunately, I am the only primary researcher who is concerned about the sieving infrastructure.

Paul is not really a programmer and is concerned with the math side of things and the post processing (which is a non-trivial task). Don handles the web site and tries to help with the "customer service". Jeff has provided the Windows GUI and helps with Windows related problems. Chris has provided some code and is actively trying to resolve some OS specific problems on the server side which you may not even notice, but are causing us some difficulty.

But, that leaves the rest to me. Besides the operational administration problems, I have to both design and code new features. We are all very busy trying to keep things running and implement improvements. I'm spread too thin. My design goals are well ahead of the time that I have available to implement them.

Quite frankly, I'm unsure of the real "return on investment" that we will get from participants who do not have 24/7 connectivity. There are certainly a number of people who may think that they want to participate. But when they really realize the resources necessary to be effective, they may decide that this project is too demanding of them and, appropriately, choose another project that better fits the resources that they have to offer.

I would certainly like to develop an automated system to support offline sieving. I have some design ideas. But at the present time, they await additional programming resources.

In the interim, at the expense of some of our time, we are willing to allow a few experiments to see if there is any real promise of significant increased productivity which would result from off-line sieving.

I appreciate your interest and hope that you will continue to support our efforts.

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