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For returning the results, would it be as simple as (while the nfsnet program isn't running) copying the and results.txt file into the ./processors/p0 directory (on a internet connected machine) making sure the stop.txt file is not present and running the nfsnet client which should see a and a results.txt file and it would upload the results automatically.

I am asking because there was a few times after finishing a result the server wasn't responding so it kept doing the sleep then retry server cycle, eventually I stopped the program later
on restarting the program I believe it uploaded the results.txt file and got a new assignment.

If there is a setting or a file which would tell the program on an offline machine not to try to contact the server to get an assignment but just to use the file and when done not to try to contact the server just somehow indicate the assignment is done so the 2 files could be copied to a internet connected machine.

In a choice of setting or file, a file is much preferred then its existance would determine the state. It is much easier to create or delete a file than to modify a file and change/add a setting.

If there was a setting or a file that would ask for a large assignment 1k or 10k lines, then getting an extended amount of work would be easier. If some other special setting or file were needed to allow this behavior ( getting the enabling setting/file as a result of emailing and having it tied to specific ID so it couldn't be played with is fine ).
Would there be an extended timeout for the large assignments so the work wouldn't be reassigned ?

From what I have seen it is roughly 1/4 the number of lines in KB for the results file.
100 lines to seive would produce about 25KB results.txt file.
This is from the current 2^757-1 project and could differ in the next.

One issue would be the switching to/from a sub range in the project. While doing the 2^757-1 project my PC switched at the start of September from a sub range to the main range. Would that also be automatic, with the file having enough info to trigger the switchover ?

I am trying to figure a way that would be nearly automated, needing only to copy a few files to and from a offline machine but utilizing the very functional and straight forward system that is used when online.
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