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Originally Posted by ET_ View Post
Is there life after death?

Well, at first you should define life...

If life is the ability to reproduce genes, then bacteria and viruses (vira?) are alive, and so is the DNA present in our cells, eaten by insects.

If life is self-consciousness, then we should before teach ourselves how to recognize (lack of) self-consciousness in animals: as Stanislaw Lem pointed out, our consciousness is given us by our senses (the door to the brain), and we just can't imagine how perception could be if our senses were diffeerent (think of a blind-born person and explain him/her the vision).

For the very same reason, we could not understand, not even realize thoughts from evenctual aliens having different senses than ours, as we cannot understand how a cuttlefish perceives the polarized light (Richard Dawking); let alone their lives.

If life is autoproducing and/or transforming energy, then our sun and the stars are alive. Is it a conscious process? We just can't tell, because our senses are limited to our environment.

There is a small but still existent possibility that life is just an accident of the Nature happened on Earth. Wouldn't it be fun if that "accident" (us) asked to himself "is there life after death?"

I could go on and on... but stop here instead.

In my opinion, the question has not the canonical (mathematical) correctness, because the hypothesis lacks rigour.


Well to define life I would say that its is the sum total of subtle energy which we have been unable to measure or detect as yet.

As it is a form of energy it can neither be created or destroyed. It merely is transformed from one state to the other.

Death is the cessation of life in all its chemical, biological, physical etc processes. For instance every time you breathe in you are breathing life. Every time you breathe out you are dying.

Life is not a static phenomenon. It is a cyclic rhythm of breath.

If all the physical processes cease, where has the energy it had during life gone?

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