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I want to believe that there is live after death. I think it would be a shame to consider that, assuming I live for 80 years that I will have been a part of the earth for 1/50,000,000th of it's 4 Billion years ... much, much worse than the odds of finding a 10 Million Digit Mersenne Prime

I have had my share of sad time and my share of great times on this life so far and I would love to do it again whether it is shortly after I die or 1,000,000 years later before it is my turn again.

I know a few people (all close to me and credible) that have claimed to have seen "ghosts". Are these "life-after-death" people living in another "dimension"? Who knows?

As for the "Heavenly" life after death: I am of a faith that believes in such and I personally want to believe it too. Honestly, I am about 75% a believer and the other 25% I leave to my faith.

I believe, that considering the complexity of "life forms" on this planet, including humans (note I do not say "especially humans", because in some ways other life forms do some pretty remarkable things and have survived on this planet much longer than we have) I refuse to believe it was created by a big bang, a chemical soup, random events, luck or chance even over billions of years.

If you search the Internet for "Intelligent Design" you will find many hits that sound pretty convincing to me.
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