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Picture yourself as a miserable serf during the middle ages. Your life sucks in ways we can't possibly imagine. You are born, you work and are miserable your whole life, and then you die.

Who would put up with that? Nobody, right?


Someone, somewhere, said:

Hey, life sucks. It makes you a better person. But, if you are obedient and go to church and all that, you will live forever in blissful happiness in Heaven.

So now life isn't so bad. You put your plans of overthrowing the ruling class aside. All you have to do is be a "sheeple" and just follow the rules. Because 40 years of misery on Earth now is a drop in the ocean compared to forever in Heaven. (And Hell is so very scary!)

Nice scam, for the ruling class and the corrupt clergy, who most likely know better.

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