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To me, death means the ceasing of chemical processes in the body to keep it in a desired state, thus giving over the the beginning of decline into less desired states such as decomposition and decay. Once death occurs then brain activity is halted and the person(ality) is no longer. I fail to believe that anything else (like a soul) is involved due to lack of any solid evidence.

"Nature" has had a long time to come up with a design that can self replicate and progress itself to higher levels of organisation. This might be likened to a standard computer that you see in front of you. When it is turned on and has power applied it produces organised results. Once the power is removed or something goes faulty the results are no longer to our liking and we take corrective action to restore or replace.

Of course nature has had a considerable head start (~4GY) on the computer, but project the computer (and/or robots) forward a few thousand (or whatever figure you feel more comfortable with) years and you might just get a self replicating "thing" with ideas and opinions of it's own. I wonder if people will call that life? And if they do, will they think it can also have life after it's death? If we write the "things" a nice shiny book with many nice stories about how to be good and offering life after irrepairable component failure then the "things" may also start to believe in life after death.
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