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Lightbulb Life after Death!

Jasong started his offended God Thread with
Originally Posted by jasong
First, let me say I'm posting this to get input from the forum in general, Christians and non-Christians.

Frankly I'm pissed off by that thread as it is full off 'You said', 'he said' and 'I said' which got nowhere and did no one any good.

Rather than continue it I have branched out into this thread.

Please let me know your thoughts if there is or you believe in life after death or not! This is not confined to Christians, or Non Christians.

It is open to atheists, agnostics, Grand Design people, yes Christians and non,
evolutionists, Mormons and the likes.

Please restrict it to your beliefs and the reason why you believe it to be so.
You can give references if you like but a simple 'I believe in Buddha as I am a follower of Dalai Lama' will do. An elaboration of your beliefs and what makes you believe such and such and what the Lama says will be helpful.

Kindly avoid nit picking in your arguments against one another.

The intention is to broaden our beliefs as brothers and not as enemies if someone's logic is alien to us.

The World is big enough to habitate all of us peacefully.

This is important as when death comes will one switch to other doctrines or be true to what we thought all along ? Think about it !

The ball is now in your court !.

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