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1625*2^361306-1 is prime

This is getting stranger by the minute: Now, in addition to the previous ridiculous ratio of k=1400-1700 vs. 1700-2000 primes, we have an unbelievable 9 CONSECUTIVE NEW primes for k=1600-1700!!

Although this is a little biased towards the k=1600-1700 and 1800-2000 ranges that have had little searching done on them...9 consecutive in a k=100 range? Come on, what's going on here? Where are the k=1800-2000 primes as well as others from many k's that haven't been searched for k=1400-1600 & 1700-1800?

Counting all primes to remove any bias from ones previously found, since n=350K, we now have:
k-value   # primes
1400-1500    6
1500-1600    6
1600-1700   12
1700-1800    2
1800-1900    0
1900-2000    2
[There is a k=1800-1900 already-known prime in Ian's reserved manual range so finally the barren stretch there will be broken.]

Not only are primes strange, they can be downright bizarre!

It's things like this that lead one to conclude that primes are not random and is a large part of the reason that we search huge ranges of k and n all at ultimately help decipher the "code" of primes.


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