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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Using the format is one thing, but don't fib about which program you used. If a program appears to be under reporting factors, there may be a problem with the program. Reporting results with a false program ID prevents the proper analysis of issues like this.
Use the factor5 format for posting factor5 results.
If it doesn't work, contact James Heinrich by PM. He is very good about fixing things or identifying errors in submission attempts.

+p on don't forge (counterfeit, fake) results in any way. Among other things, it
distorts data that might be used to determine relative prevalence of use of the various applications,
creates a greater likelihood of manually introduced error into the result report,
misleads developers and administrators as to in which applications any observed errors occur,

And please don't use factor5. Mfactor is faster. Its reference thread contains multiple ready to go executables for Windows and Linux.
And please don't do routine factoring above 2^32, which is supported by mfakto and mfaktc, which are far faster, and there's plenty of work to do there, or even below 1G.

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