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Originally Posted by Christenson View Post
If you want stats quickly, do P-1
So long as you allow it sufficient memory. TF also allows quick entry onto the stats chart and doesn't require much memory.

P-1 is the most effective activity from the standpoint of making progress on the project; I'm running about 60GHz days per factor found; each factor found eliminates 2 LL tests at 80GHz days apiece.
Provided you allow it sufficient memory, P-1 is indeed the most effective activity, but not for the reason you give. TF eliminates far more LL GHz days per TF GHz day expended than P-1.

But with TF, if you don't do it, someone else will. The factors you find would have been found anyway, so you're not really saving any LL tests. Your contribution is worth just the GHz days you expend.

With P-1, if you don't do it, someone else will, but probably not as well. About half of all P-1s are not given a stage 2 at all. Many of those that are, are done to minimal bounds. By doing P-1 with adequate memory, you will find factors which otherwise would never have been found. Your contribution is worth the GHz Days the other guy would have expended plus the LLs saved by the additional factors you find. That's worth a lot more than just the GHz days you expend.
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