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On non-windows boxes, run ps -aux to check for the prime95 process.

On windows boxes, which I ASSUME we are talking about here, double-cllick on the Prime95 icon to bring up a window with periodic progress updates. I like to chop a zero off of the "iterations between status updates" field in the menus.

If you want stats quickly, do P-1; which should get you stats feedback in 3 days or so; if you are really impatient, do a little ECM on small numbers and give it about 50M of memory for ECM; this will complete a task in a few hours.

P-1 is the most effective activity from the standpoint of making progress on the project; I'm running about 60GHz days per factor found; each factor found eliminates 2 LL tests at 80GHz days apiece. However, only first-time LL tests will actually find Mersenne prime #48, barring a really lucky roll of the dice and having an LL-D find a prime after someone else's incorrect first-time LL test.
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