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Anything since the 386 has at least SOME of the cache on the CPU die - Level 1 cache for the 386 486 and Pentium/K5/C6/K6 generations, then the Slot-1 P-II/Celeron and SLot-A Athlons moved the Level 2 cache onto the "daughterboard" - then the PPGA P-II/Socket-A Athlons finally moved the Level-II cache onto the chip.

Any CURRENT CPU has the cache on-chip.

The CPU cache, even when it was on the MB, is still running at a speed dictated by the FSB of the CPU, at least for any x-86 CPU since the 386.

Anyone else remember the Cheetah 80386-16, and *why* it usually outran most 80386-20 machines of it's time?
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