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Default Windows help...

So, I didn't quite know where to put this...

I'm wondering if there's someone out there who can help me with something Windows related...

I have an installer for a project I'm working on. The client runs on Windows 10, and does stuff. I was about to start Alpha testing with some friends and their families and employees. Everything was looking great -- installed and ran fine in my development environment.

However, I've discovered that when the package is downloaded from a website (https, of course) Windows throws many warnings telling the user that the package is probably malware, and that they shouldn't install it.

Until I pay the $ $ $ for my own Code Signing Cert, does anyone have such a cert they would be willing to sign my installer package with?

I wouldn't need (nor want) your key itself. Instead, I would provide the EXE to sign. And this would only be for one or two alpha packages. By then I'll have my own key.

I understand the reasoning behind this. But it's annoying that the entire development code-chain used is all Open Source, but I still can't deploy the code without forking out a GPU's worth of $ $ $ for a bit of math...
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