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Default need help - assignments did not transfer properly

Hi everyone, I have a rather serious problem.

I had to transfer a few P-1 assignments to another computer because my father asked me to remove Prime95 from the old one (what a killjoy). Unfortunately, something seems to have wrong during the transfer, as some of the essential files (such as worktodo.txt) are not showing up on my thumb drive.

Thankfully, I was able to transfer the save files to the new computer (although they later disappeared from my thumb drive as well).

Now here's the main problem: how do I make Prime95 continue an assignment without the correct worktodo.txt file?

I know that the worktodo.txt files for P-1 assignments look like this:

Pfactor=<some hexadecimal string>,1,2,<exponent>,-1,68,2

However, Prime95 will not continue an assignment if the hexadecimal string is left blank. Is there anything I can do in this case? Are there any ways I can retrieve the correct hexadecimal string?

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