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Default Changing My User ID

I have four machines running on the project, and I would like to change the user id and individual machine names that they show up as in the stats.

My current user id is Team_Prime_Rib
I would like it to be Endless_Mike

current names GUIDs desired name

endlesmike02 M0050E4E03B52 EM_G3_400
endlesmike00 M003065A25BC8 EM_G4_450b
endlesmike03 M003065521C32 EM_G4_450a
endlesmike01 M000393480056 EM_G4_466

I would also like to be a part of the team TeamPrimeRib

I set these machines up a while ago, before the project had team support, and the IDs have followed them. I tried deleting the client directory and starting over with a new, freshly downloaded client, but that has not fixed the situation. What do I need to do to change my IDs?
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