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Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
Your right. I'd use the full equation in a spreadsheet situation.

I am working on probabilities for the 2k's.
I've been checking P1e6 weights and I got different values compared to column "n per 25000 at 1e12"/1.25 in the "Unproven Conjectures" table for these Bases:
R463, R696, R774, R588, R828, S140, S533
I've been using >srsieve -n 100001 -N 110000 -P 1e6 equation_file.txt
Where equation_file.txt has the equation with each k on a separate line.
All the other 83 2k's bases matched.
Maybe there's an error in the scripts?
Are you using the latest version of srsieve? All of these bases have k's that are perfect squares (Riesel) or perfect cubes (Riesel & Sierp). Where the k is a perfect square, all n==(0 mod 2) are removed and where k is a perfect cube, all n==(0 mod 3) are removed due to algebraic factors. The latest version of srsieve takes this into account.

That is one thing that Mark and I checked closely and we went through a couple of rounds of corrections when the pages were implemented.

We do appreciate any kind of error checking by anyone anywhere on the web pages or 1st postings in several of our threads. There are a large number of things that have to remain synced up and usually at some point, errors and inconsistencies will creep in.
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