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Am I the only one who is still sending first-time PRP results in the 105M to 106M Range to the server, since maybe 4 weeks?


The Work Distribution Map shows that 98 LL/PRP-Test are assigned overall (80 from that to me). I wonder why my 80 assignments expire tomorrow if 12860 mersenne numbers still unproven and hardly anyone works seriously in this range.
Right now, Category 1 extends from 104190194 to 107498922. For someone to get a cat 1 assignment, unless they are forcing the exponent, they have to have their account set to get the smallest exponents, so they will get assignments from the lower end of cat 1.

As assignments move into the middle of cat 1 from higher categories, their expirations (for the assignment just taking too long) become active. However, just because your assignment expires doesn't mean you can't complete it and get full credit for it. If it's not near the edge of where assignments are being handed out in cat 1, it won't get assigned to anyone else (but eventually the cat 1 assignments being handed out will cross your assignments). Right now there are plenty of assignments below 105M available so anyone getting cat 1 assignments will be getting them there especially if they have software capable of doing PM1 testing.

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