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In my attempt a few posts back to modify a familiar Latin quotation by changing a single word, I had the great advantages of knowing I didn't know Latin grammar, and not trusting Google Translate. I had on occasion tried translating and then reverse-translating and gotten something other than what I'd started with. IIRC this happened when I wanted to change "acumine" (cleverness) to the Latin word for "obscurity." It was the only word that differed from a known-to-be-correct Latin sentence, so I knew the grammatical case of that one word was wrong. I had the grammatical gender, though, so I knew I also had to modify the adjective accordingly.

So, I searched until I found the grammatical case of "acumine" in the quotation. Ablative. OK, what was the ablative case of the Latin noun for "obscurity?" Answer found, I plugged it into the Latin phrase. That fixed it - except for the typo I made when I posted it
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