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There is a tiny problem in the downloaded code when I use some compilers: the prototype for func() doesn't match the definition of func() because you've changed the first two parameters from mpz_t to lli. Trivial to fix.

Is it asymptotically better to run this on several cores using a small interval on each, or on one core using the largest interval that fits in memory? I have quite a large machine and can allocate 32GB to the process if that would help.

I am a little surprised that when I do

echo -e "100000000000\n100010000000\n10000\n1\n" | time ./a.out

I get

Testing p=100000000073...100001026973, p==5 mod 12, time=1 sec.

and then no further output for at least a thousand seconds; is there something in the implementation to make 5 mod 12 unusually quick? I tried 10^9 .. 10^9+10^8 and it worked fine, so I don't think it's hanging.

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