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Exclamation Msieve announcements

It is with great exhaustion that I announce the availability of Msieve 1.04, which is completely reorganized and now includes about 1/3 of a general number field sieve implementation. There is no NFS postprocessing code yet, the limit is still 125 digits, and the demo application still defaults to the quadratic sieve; but I had to start somewhere.

This release is for test purposes only. You will need to install the Gnu Scientific Library because the NFS polynomial selection has to perform nasty numerical integrations I didn't feel like implementing just yet (does anyone know if there's non-GPL numerical integration code available that is adaptive, handles doubly-infinite intervals and can deal with multiple integrable singularities? I used to love numerical integration and extrapolation methods, but it would be nice to avoid having to build them all from scratch just so Msieve can stay public domain). Be sure to read the documentation if you feel brave enough to play around with it.

My first priority is going to be getting some sort of end-to-end NFS cobbled together, but that also means that the performance is not going to be very good for a long time. The QS module had been under development for about 9 months before I made a public release, but this stuff is only in month 2. Nevertheless I'm trying to make the pieces that are there as high-quality as possible, even if future versions replace them wholesale. I also want the NFS code to be immediately useful; it's a waste of time to start using NFS for 30-digit factorizations just because the implementation is too crude.

The next release or two should come quickly; the Mac version is completely broken (QS and NFS) and people will no doubt notice various other broken things.

I should also mention that there is a new Yahoo! group, nfs-hacks, that has recently started. We hope that people interested in number field sieve implementations will join in.

Happy factoring,

EDIT: Msieve can be downloaded at

EDIT 2: The Msieve source and a precompiled windows binary can be downloaded from here

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