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Well, it's been a year since our last prime: 3*2^1232255-1 (30/08/2004) Thomas Ritschel

Thomas, Ryan Jackson and I have been busying our Athlons with sieving and should get upto 200 trillion by the end of the year

We should also be testing with LLR above 700,000 digits by the end of the year...

But where is our next prime?

We have plenty of DC work for you! Join us!

Our numbers are smaller than GIMPS -- a fast P4 can crunch a 321 candidate in about 2 hours -- A GIMPS number can take months Similarly with SoB...

Our numbers are now bigger than PSearch's ( n=2 million ), bigger than PSP's current reservations, bigger than Riesel Sieve's, and others...

In fact, our's is a really neat little project that can be easily accelerated by some more help with LLR testing.

Here are our main links:



Our next prime must be very close.

Join us by signing up to this forum and making "reservations", or email me directly to

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