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Default Possible extension to P-1 Stage 2

I know lots of these ideas come along, and I am getting more comfortable with the math involved with Stage 2 as I write this, so please forgive me if I missed something.

From what I understand, in the P-1 factoring stage 1, Given Mp, we calculate 3^(2*E*p)-1 mod Mp where E is the product of many powers of prime factors less than a number B1. In stage 2, for various primes q between B1 and B2, we then calculate 3^(2*E*p*q)-1 mod Mp.

Noting that every prime q divides 2^n-1 for some value of n (and in fact all integer multiples of n), would it be feasible in some cases to instead calculate 3^(2*E*p*(2^n-1))-1 mod Mp for such a value of n?
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