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Originally Posted by Wacky
Although we are spread extremely thin, some progress is being made in getting new sievers operational.
However, I could certainly use some help.
First, in the code area, I have two fairly small tasks that someone could perform without either a significant knowledge of NFS or a large or ongoing commitment of time.
a) A regression testing program, written in C or C++ that can verify that the output file from a test run "matches" a reference copy. (I can presently do this on Unix-style systems using awk/sed/diff or perl. However, I need something readily portable to many test systems)
b) Bob Silverman has some MP Math routines for x86 machines. These need to be reformatted to compile under gcc. This is a translation task, not a programming task, per se.

The second area where I could use some help is in the area of test machines.
As we are able to get the various sievers running, we need to be able to compile and test for a wide range of system setups. Although we are not yet to that point, I would like to be able to test a wide range of CPU/OS combinations. The setup is fairly well automated. You maintain a copy to the sources on your hard disk. A scheduled task runs a program each night (or other time of the day) to update the sources from our CVS repository and recompile the changed routines. It then runs some tests and reports the results back to my server which posts a summary. By examining the errors and/or timing reports, we can track the effect of code changes on machine configurations that we otherwise would not have access.
To participate, you would need a C compiler development environment and the willingness to participate on a continuing basis.

If you would like to help in either area, please e-mail me.

<join at nfsnet dot org>

Once upon a time doing this kind of work was my job.
Now I have a real-world job.

I will be happy to provide guidance/advice/discussion to anyone working
on a port of my lattice siever and underlying X86 64-bit arithmetic code, but
I no longer have time to do the port myself. C'est la vie.
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