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Originally Posted by xilman
I observe that Perl5 is freely available for almost all systems, and is much less system-dependent than awk. Cygwin awk, for instance, rarely gave the same results as BSD awk when I tried to port earlier NFSNET code.

sed and its friends seem not to be as widespread as Perl.

I do not disagree with your statement. That is why I said that if it got to a point where we really needed that level of generality, I would probably choose Perl over other alternatives.

However, there are two problems with Perl:

It is TOO general. That has implications upon data integrity and security. (For example, you might write to the wrong file) A less general tool that does limited things based on its input is less likely to do the wrong thing because of some input data error.

Although it is "freely available", that does not mean that it IS present. Requiring it is just one more setup hurdle that I think we can avoid.


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