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Originally Posted by Viliam Furik View Post
If it's possible to run it through a VM, I might give it a try someday.
In a version of Windows 10 due to be released this year, you will be able to run Linux on WSL2, Windows Subsystem for Linux V2, which is what you want. It's available now, but only in the pre release "preview" version ( beta ) of Windows 10. It will probably be able to run CUDA, but none of that is completely certain. Whether it will be worth it or not remains to be seen. My impression from the previous posts here in several threads is that a lot of the Linux speed is derived from the special AMD Linux video driver "Rocm". The arrangement of device drivers on WSL2 is uncertain. If WSL2 just passes the CUDA requests thru to the windows video device driver, there may be little or no gain.
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