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You can restart the test : stop Prime95, delete the (probably) 3 files abv99999, abc99999.bu and abc99999.bu2 where 99999 is equal to the exponent giving errors. To be safe you can instead move the three files to another folder.

But those errors are the result of something being wrong. I would not reattempt those first time tests until you have removed the hardware problem. I would stick to double checks until the problem is solved.

To stop testing those first time LL tests use the menu "Advanced" / "Unreserve Exponent" of prime95.

As to what problem could manifest itself only for a certain size of exponents I do not have a ready answer. Is you machine over-clocked ? Are the temperatures OK ? Are you using other software intensively (or not intensively, I once installed a mobile phone communication program and just the fact that that program was installed induced errors in Prime95, once uninstalled the error did not occur any more !)

Good luck debugging,

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