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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Temps OK? From what I can see only the PSU fan is moving air through the enclosure?
Temps are good. In the upper 70s, but it's warm in my office today. There is no powered ventilation, but the entire back (that you can't see in the pics) is wide open. Also, there are large 3 inch or so gaps between the sheets of acrylic (front center and the corners). The acrylic is really just to give the "box" extra rigidity. With all the gaps and the back wide open, I don't think temps will be an issue.

Wednesday the whole thing heads in to the college I work at. One of my buddies in IT is letting me stick it in one of his network closets. Might as well let the college burn the 600 watts. It IS math research after all.

Besides, that will clear space on my desk at home to start Prime Box 2.
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