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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
Arg! Oh well, since Lennart take everything left, I guess i'll stop what I was testing.
I took all k upto 700 000 from N=1k to N=2k:
126 primes found , 90 different sequences.
PFGW Version [GWNUM 27.11]

Please reserve a range before working on it. It creates extra work for other searchers and possibly for yourself.

Second, I appreciate that you removed the higher primes for k's with multiple primes. It saves me admin time. But I would strongly suggest simply stopping the search of a k with a prime to save you CPU time and the task of creating and sending an extra file to me. Here is how to do it: Replace the header in your sieve file with this:

ABC $a*66^$b+1 // {number_primes,$a,1}

With this header, the program will stop searching a k when a prime is found for it. This info. can be found in the file "abcfileformats.txt" in the PFGW download directory. Note that the more recent versions of PFGW can be stopped and restarted and it will still "know" which k's have primes. (It reads the pfgw.log and/or pfgw-prime.log files so those will need to be left there if the program is stopped.) Earlier versions would "forget" which k's had primes if stopped.


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