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Default Doublecheck efforts; S66/S79 to start with

We are starting this thread for all doublecheck efforts. To begin with, as stated in the news thread, S66 and S79 have problems and will need some k's retested. Later on, we will add other bases when potential problems are identified or just to simply confirm past work done.

Attached here are two files that each contain several thousand k's. The S66 k's need to be tested for n=1000 to n=25K and the S79 k's need to be tested for n=1000 to n=50K in order to catch them up with all other k's search depth on the conjectures.

Note that these k's have not been searched for n>1K so this is not a true doublecheck effort. They were newly identified as k's that were erroneously removed as a result of incorrect small composite "primes" that were found by a bad version of PFGW.

Initially I was going to start these myself but won't be able to get to them for 2-3 weeks so I'm opening them up to anyone who has a few spare cores available. Any help would be greatly appreciated to get these large-conjectured bases corrected.

k-range   n-range  reservation  last status
1-700K    1K-25K   firejuggler  (complete)
700K-21M  1K-25K   Lennart      (complete)
21M-end   1K-25K   Mathew       (complete)
k-range   n-range  reservation  last status
1-2.2M    1K-50K   Lennart      (complete)
2.2M-end  1K-50K   Mathew       (complete)
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