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Default another problem of the new LLR

There seems to be another problem of the new version of LLR.

For some of the tests the initial guess of the FFT length is found to be too small, so it switches to the next higher one and restarts that test.
This may happen after 5% of the test, but in most of my cases it happened when a test is almost done. And I cannot see any pattern or rule, if it happens for a given n or not.

I should note that I'm using the Linux version, but I expect the same problem for the windows version too.

So it seems that Jean needs to adjust the criterion for the initial guess a bit.
Or is there a command line switch (as in PFGW) to use a larger FFT length for all the tests by default? I guess, not ...

Another (minor) bug of the Linux version is, that you cannot stop the program by pressing <Ctrl><C> or any other key(s). You need to use the kill command with the "-KILL" (-9) switch, a normal "-STOP" (-15) doesn't work. May be this is somewhat related to the "save-file problem".

Nevertheless, the speed of the new version of LLR is very exciting
Almost 4 times the speed of the older version, if the inital guess of the FFT length was right, and about 3 times as fast, if the next higher FFT length is used (not counting the "wasted" time of the aborted test by using the wrong FFT length).

-- Thomas.
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