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Can't say that I've _used_ factor as a financial term, but one can't
pull up a google page on integer factorization without getting sponsored
links advertizing the wrong use (un-intended, that is). Seems to be
a flaw in their algorithm; or perhaps an "error on purpose" that might
have some effect on their ad revenue.

Just noticed something I liked about Tom's new status page; unless
I'm imagining, it seems to have been updated already, with Dec 12
reln counts. Not a replacement for individual or team stats, with the
intended focus on raising rates from new and/or smaller users; but
perhaps we can regard this as a NFSNET team stat, and compete with
ourselves to raise the (total) daily rate.

Any chance this is one of those English/European social things? Here's our
chance to demonstrate Community effort; freed from the (nasty) effects
of individual pride and greed. Go Team! -Bruce
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