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Originally Posted by Skatterbencher View Post
What would be the appropriate version for Prime95 to use with ADL-S and Win11?
Any version should work but may need some tweaking. Prime95 cannot handle some cores with hyperthreading and some without. To run a torture test you'll need to look in undoc.txt for NumCPUs and CPUHyperthreads. If Alderlake is 2 hyperthreaded performance cores and 3 non-hyperthreaded efficiency cores then set NumCPUs=7 and CPUhyperthreads=1.

Similarly, prime95 will struggle assigning workers to the performance cores. Start and cancel a benchmark. Look at results.bench.txt. You'll likely need to tell prime95 which core(s) to assign to each worker. See Affinity= in undoc.txt.
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