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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
It's one thing to dismiss possibility or near certainty of lesser harms, for a disease with a 33% case fatality rate (smallpox), and another thing for CFR of ~1.5% (Covid19).Where does it stop; 0.5% CFR? 0.1%? 0.01%?
Your argument is not as clean as you are trying to make it. Smallpox was not a novel disease. COVID-19 is. So at the time of the ruling there were already many, many smallpox survivors then extant. With COVID there is still a major part of the population that is still at risk.

With COVID19 the CFR depends on the number of cases in an area vs the standard of care that is available. In Italy early on the CFR was much higher as the healthcare infrastructure was overwhelmed. In Los Angeles during the winter surge, the death rate doubled when the ICU occupancy rate was in the 90% range and higher. In northern Idaho expect the CFR to go up. In Texas the pediatric CFR has gone up because the system is overwhelmed.

There are many many other things that we would not accept a 1% fatality risk. Crossing a street, taking an elevator, riding in an airplane, event parachute jumping. Why should we accept a 1% fatality rate for something that we have preventative measure against?

The argument against vaccination because of possible "long term" "side effects" is not well founded.
Originally Posted by
There were tens of thousands of people in those phase-three clinical trials. And any time we’ve seen an adverse reaction, a side effect from a vaccine, any vaccine in the history of all vaccines going back to smallpox, those side effects have occurred in the first two months after vaccination. So that was a very sensible, logical cutoff to get emergency use authorization.

With full approval, companies have to submit six months of data. The FDA is currently reviewing tens of thousands of pages of data.
We know that polio and other diseases have long term consequences for survivors (post polio syndrome). COVID 'long haulers' are experiencing long term effects of the disease. The greatest side effect of a COVID vaccination happens within about 15 minutes and is due to components used for delivery and is quickly addressable. Basically it becomes a non-issue.

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