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I forgot to mention - in order to preserve the value of their donations (by keeping it rare, you see) donors will have to undergo a sterilization procedure immediately afterward. When I said "keep it out of the gene pool," I meant it. But to your question. Hmm, it will be the last experience of its kind, so why not let donors choose their assistants?
Sterilisation is done via vasectomy (the interruption of the vas deferens) it just prevents the spermatozoids from being in the ejaculate. It has no impact on the sexuality except on fertility and that, for some people, the libido might be affected because of the belief that there can't be pleasure without the ability to inseminate or that without possible fertilisation sex would be a sin against one of the laws of religion. For me it was a liberation : I was at last in control of my fertility.
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Allergies are not random; there's a quite significant heritability. ~60-80% from a parent.
So for specific persons, the tradeoffs may be far more severe than the population average.
And it is also because of those people that have allergies and can not vaccinate that the rest of the population should vaccinate even if they are antroposophs, Christian scientists, member of one of the Protestant denominations that refuse vaccination or whatever. That 1905 ruling is to the point.
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