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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Selling 12 unsuitable sticks might fund buying 1 or few pieces of capable hardware that could match the aggregate output of the 12 sold, and relieve the space crunch, and simplify administration. As always, your kit, your wallet, your call.
I just bid on another used GPU. We can sometimes buy whole used GPUs or used workstations for what some compute sticks sell for. You didn't give any model numbers so it's hard to guess what yours might be worth.

D clarified in its post.

I bought 12 brand new for $30 each, which price I never saw again. It was over two years after Intel discontinued the product...1st generation Compute Stick. Despite paltry resources it was completing LL first time checks in about 4 months. I just figure I want to use what I have and Prime95 gave me a couple lines for prime.txt I will try that will accomplish limiting its footprint to what I need. All 12 still work after having them over two years. A power supply recently went out on one, but I found some identical power supplies and bought three for under $7 each for backups. Yeah, I'm cheap. I have them sitting in a wooden cabinet/cart with glass shelves and they never get moved and that's in my basement which never gets too warm.

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