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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
I think you have some choices. (Some of this is already covered somewhat by previous posts made by others while I was writing this)

Assuming 1GB ram, 8GB SD storage, Linux, mprime, & wifi equipped (802.11b/g/n):

A) mprime & PRP / GEC at low proof power is better than none.

B) use other options to limit mprime's local footprint.

G) (Not recommended because it's very inefficient and less reliable)
Convert legitimate PRP first test assignments into bootleg LL first test

Have fun!
You gave me too much to put my arms around there but...

Using Windows on these is not even close to being an option.

Selling my sticks and buying 12 more capable machines is out of the question.

Running exclusively everything but first-time checks isn't why I do the project.

I don't know what D was.

That leaves A, B and G.

After I stripped down Peppermint OS...

I end up with 1.1 GB of free space before any mprime files are added, and some is taken up by the OS and some taken up by swap file. I need to have something left, preferably 500MB at least.

A sounds interesting, B is definitely a possibility. G I haven't figured out because the system won't generate LL test strings anymore (that I can find).

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