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Thanks for pointing to v2.48, I can't compile or find a Linux binary of v2.48 but am successfully using the windows version under wine to build gwnum. UASM definitely has cross-version and cross-OS issues which is annoying, for some reason v2.48 can compile gwnum but fails to build factor32 and factor64 and there's peculiar differences between Ubuntu20 and CentOS7 that need to be tested.

Initially tried a 1:1 conversion using objconv for ease and safety but it turns out it's much easier to scrap all the binary conversion targets completely. objconv in the standard build process converts to Linux/mac but is also used to remove debug symbols in windows .obj files (in strip.bat) to work around a MSVC issue. It doesn't appear to be necessary in the port, the port does have UASM output elf directly.

So far CentOS7 has managed to build gwnum64 using UASM v2.48 under wine and gcc. mprime was successfully built with it and appears to function so that's a good step, but we're a way off a fully native compile yet. The scripts are being cleaned and will be tested across many UASM versions to see what's what, if they appear to be in good shape they'll get posted later hopefully along with some UASM progress.
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