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and the words "cent", "century"? (albeit in Latin, as in Romanian, that would have been pronounced with "tche" sound like in "check").
It is now very well established that Classical Latin always pronounced the letter C hard, as in the English K and the Greek Κ. The conclusive evidence is that where a Latin word is found in contemporary Greek the latter invariably uses a kappa and not a sigma. It is most convincingly seen in bilingual place names and personal names such as Cerberus / ΞšΞ΅ΟΞ²Ξ΅ΟΞΏΟ‚ and Berenice / ΒΡρΡνίκη and, for that matter, π“ŠΈπ“‚‹π“ˆ–π“‡Œπ“‡―π“…¬π“†‡π“ in Egyptian the final pronounced consonant is a /k/ The final 𓏏 was a silent feminine marker in classical times. In much earlier Egyptian it was pronounced /t/ --- c.f. Arabic "bint" and the character remained /t/ in words where it was pronounced.

The "s" and "tche" pronunciations came much later with Vulgar Latin and its descendants such as Romanian and French.
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