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Default A problem of words.

"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Many of us are familiar with this and/or other holalphabetic sentances. They are use in penmanship classes and typing courses. Some are quite contrived and several are only 26 letters long (Guiness lists "Cwm kvutza qoph jynx fled brigs" as the most contrived.)

Your task, is to make the longest sentance (in number of 'words', no numbers [1 0 2 4, etc.] symbols [@ # $ % & , etc.]), using no more than all 26 letters once. (That is you may use less than all 26, but you may not use the same letter twice.) After the number words, the closer to max letter usage, is the next most important toward declaring the winner. After that, the less contrived the better and the more creative the better. (Leaving out 'e' 't' and/or 's' might be seen as better than 'q' 'x' and/or 'z')

You can not use proper names. Standard abbrivations are OK.
Using PERL and other computer aides is discouraged. Pad, pencil, dictionary, and grey matter are the tools of choice.

Here is a starter:
"I can help, try, ok."
5 words, 13 letters.
(I know that is poor, but it is only a starter.)

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