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M23355961 has a factor: 25246628074910152142119

k = 3^3 × 29^2 × 449 × 53011433

That was found by trial factoring. I guess the k value is about 171 times greater than the default GIMPS limit (at least when that number was first trial factored; according to the current bounds it's 684 times). So is that some kind of a record k value for trial factoring!? I was testing out mprime's ability to trial factor past the default limits and wasn't expecting it to work!

The thing I don't understand is that back in 2006 I ran P-1 on that number with B1=1e6 and B2=1e8. It should've found that factor, right? B1 is easily large enough and B2 almost twice necessary. The machine was reliable; it returned lots of verified LLs and no known bad ones.
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