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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I like the plan. Few servers, kept nice and simple.
Yeah, he put that in.
Perhaps it's best not to have that low range DCing on LLRnet then, because we want people to be involved enough that they shouldn't put questionable machines on it. I think we should only have DCing on LLRnet for ones where residues are ready.
This would be a possiblity. Let's revisit it when manual LLR is @ n>150K on double-checking. If it's just 10-20 cores hitting a server, even a low range shouldn't make the server barf. 10-20 cores at n=150K would be like 40-80 cores at n=300K. 2x the n-range = 4x the processing time. We may want to wait until n=200K if at all depending on how fast we're getting it done.
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