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Sounds good to me. One thing, though: as was discussed in the "follow up on llrnet servers needed" thread, the doublechecking for n=100K-260K shouldn't have any LLRnet server until it gets to at least about n=200K or so. Until then, all the overhead will probably be too much for any server to handle--and remember, we want to be careful with which computers we have doing doublechecking for n=100K-260K, because all the results have to be completely accurate--i.e. no machines with stability that's at all questionable. (When we get above n=260K for 300<k<1001, of course, since we'll have first-pass residuals to compare with, any machines can be used on the doublechecking; however, for anything below n=260K for 300<k<1001, and all of k<300, we have to be completely sure of our doublecheck results.)

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