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[QUOTE=Brian-E;390576]1.e4 e5 is of course a frequent way to start the game. Unfortunately I have no personal playing experience of it at all, because I don't open 1.e4 as White, and I always play a semi-open defence - i.e. a move other than 1...e5 - when facing the king's pawn as Black. I would nonetheless be happy to widen my experience and would be very happy to play 1...e5 if that is the consensus.

Broadly, after 1.e4, Black can choose from several sound and largely defensive openings (1...e5, 1...e6, 1...c6), the counter-attacking 1...c5, or various "hypermodern" systems which allow White a lot of space in the hope of attacking White's central pawn structure later on (1...d6, 1...g6, 1...Nf6). There are various offbeat but playable others too (1...Nc6, 1...d5, 1...b6!?, 1...a6?!), but the moves in that last section really do allow White a serious opening advantage which I think is unwise in a correspondence game.[/QUOTE]

OK, shall we do this by POE? First, ignore moves like 1..h3, 1..Nh3, etc. which we know are bad although it takes them
quickly out of the book.
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