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Welcome! Glad you could join the effort.

When you first join you get a lower number to double check (we want to be certain that we didn't miss a new prime because of an error), this is normal, even if you asked for a world record number to test. This double check will also show if your machine is ok or if it is producing errors. If your machine doesn't match the results of other machines, then it is not wise to put it to work searching for a new WR. So, the server will see if the results you turn in match with others. If they do, then you will get assigned bigger numbers. It should only take a week or so for your machine to turn in a double check. You will likely get 2 to start. (You have to turn in a good result before you start a first time check and you will get assigned a second assignment before the first is done, so you have available work if you don't have internet contact the moment the first one is done.) This is all normal and you should start getting the bigger numbers soon. Also, about once a year (or more often) you will get another double check, to make sure your machine is healthy. At some point as your machine gets older, it will get moved to double checks all of the time, or a different type of work.

Just sit tight for a little while and you get the numbers you want.
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