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I learned a couple of pretty important things last night. Firstly, we have a program called the Academic Common Market which is really neat. Basically if Arkansas doesn't offer a major I'd like to study but one of the other 14 participating states does, I can attend one of their colleges for the in-state tuition price, saving me a lot should I need to go out-of-state. The only requirements are to be a resident of Arkansas and for my major to not be offered here. So that's neat!

The second thing is the Yellow Ribbon program. My mom says that we are eligible to use the benefits from it, which means that any money that a participating university contributes to my tuition as part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the government will match. I checked their numbers for a couple of the state universities, and this alone will cut the price of tuition by over $4000 per year at the least!

Now I just need to see where my grades will let me go. I'm not sure how much my 3 F's will affect my chances of getting into some of our better colleges, does anyone know how that works? My ACT score is more than enough, so I just need to worry about GPA.
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